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The Psalms: The Prayer Book of Jesus

by Rev. J.W. Gregg Meister


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To All Generations: The Book of Confessions
FREE Leader's Guide in PDF format

This 45-minute DVD is organized into four distinct Eras (Church Fathers, Reformation, Orthodoxy, Post-Enlightenment) with individual chapters 4 to 8 minutes in length.

It's ideal for officer training, adult education classes, new member and confirmation classes, and individual study.

"John Calvin" introduces each of the eleven documents, and 23 actors take you behind the scenes to see how we arrived at our faith statements.

Which reformer was a prisoner on a French slave ship?
Which catechism sumarizes our faith in a "salvation script"?
Which author also created the sign for infinity?
What are the signs of the "true church"?

"John Calvin" first introduced us to our Book of Confessions in 1993 on videotape, and "he" has taught thousands of congregations and tens of thousands of church officers and members. Using the original 1993 sound track, we've transformed this unique educational program with 300 high definition images into a useful DVD.

"To All Generations" will help people who are serious about understanding our Presbyterian theology and convictions. The graphics and animation will hold the attention of (most) young people in confirmation classes.

Some of the Resource Centers that are already using this DVD include Arkansas, Beaver Butler, Cascades, Charleston-Atlantic, Coastal Carolina, Giddings Lovejoy, Tampa Bay, and West Virginia. The libraries at Princeton Theological Seminary and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary also have purchased "To All Generations."

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But really, if you want to study or teach our Book of Confessions,
this DVD will greatly assist you.
It's well worth twenty dollars.
In the most unlikely event that your DVD does not work,
just return it and I'll immediately send a replacement.

– Rev. J.W. Gregg Meister, President, Interlink Media